The Modern Boar Spear - light, compact, strong, precise
We and our dogs take have been taken part in driving hunts for more than ten years. We have not seriously considered a boar spear because of the high weights, the packing dimensions and the blade lengths.
However, the events have accumulated during the many hunts, where a boar spear could be a useful tool. Because the killing of a wild boar with the boar spear has the advantage, compared to a shot, that the dogs that hold the boar, will not be compromised and their hearing is not affected by the bang. In addition, there is the aspect of endangering one's own health and one's own life in close combat with a defensive animal (self-protection).

A marketable product, which could give us the desired distance to the defensive wild animal and at the same time being compact and light enough, so as not to disturb during the passage, was not available. So in many conversations with other and likeminded dog handlers and hunters, we decided to develop a suitable tool for our own purposes.

Our requirements on a new boar spear were:
  • Reliability
  • Light weight
  • Small pack size
  • Safe transport
  • Easy cleaning
  • Length of the blade only as long as it will lethally penetrate into the boar, but does not endanger dogs behind it.
After several months of development and prototypes, we came to the current product. We continuously receive feedback from our customers and continuously develop the boar spear.

For transportation the blade can be stowed inside the shaft of the boar spear. The risk of injury is minimized and soiling of clothing and the surroundings after hunting through the blade is prevented.
Wild Boar wildboar boar spear Transport Transportation hunting
Close Range
For close range action the blade will be screwed on the tip of the shaft. the boar spear is ready to use for hunting.
Wild boar wildboar boar spear blade hunting ready
Long Range
To enlarge to range of usage and to increase the safety for the user, the boar spear can be extended with the outside shaft.
boar spear Wildboar wild boar long range Hunting safety
Edition 3 & Alaska Edition
For the new Editions, the size is infinitely adjustable. This offers ideal adjustment options, especially when stalking and with the rifle rest.
For the use of the spring, the more stable configuration of the long and short range is necessary.
Wildschwein Saufeder Stufenlos Weitenbereich Lang

During the first month of using the product, the versatility of the tool was shown. At the moment we use the Saufeder as:

  • Stalking Stick
  • Shooting trestle
  • Transportation help (carbon tubes are pushed through the hind legs and serve as a broad grip)
  • Wild gallow (with rope attached to the carbon tubes and to a pulley or hook, the boar body can be hung)
wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting compact light lightweight backpack
Compact and Lightweight
wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting transportation transport car
Easy and Safe to transport
wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting blade tip sharp precise precice
wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting dish washer dishwasher clean cleaning
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Customer Gallery

wild boar boar spear accessory shooting trestle online shop buy

Rifle Rest

When the blade is securely stowed, the rifle rest can be screwed on the thread.

The boar spear can now be used as a one legged shooting trestle. The rubber-cushioned V-Yoke, that is very stable and secure against slipping of the rifle, can be turned and as described can be removed.
Wildschwein Saufeder Zubehoer Griff Onlineshop Kaufen

Handle for blade

The handle for the blade helps the handling of the blade for the close field action. It is made from aluminum and thus very light weight but also very strong. The handle was designed in the best possible way to fit the perfect geometry for most hands. Furthermore, with this geometry it is very comfortable and secure to work with.
The handle is also available just with the blade.

Available colors:
- black
- orange
Wildschwein Saufeder Zubehoer Kydexholster Kydex Scheide Holster Onlineshop Kaufen

Kydex holster for blade

The holster is meant to secure the blade with the handle during transportation and to keep it close while hunting on a belt or to keep the blade on the carbon tube , without being a danger to the hunter.

Available colors:
- black
- orange

The Kydex holster is produced by Ferro Fidelis but can be ordered through us.
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The boar spear bag for easy transportation and storage of the boar spear after and during the hunt.

The boar spear can be transported and stored in the bag in all assembly configurations. Thus, the spear can be prepared before following the tracks of the animal. The bag is made from very tear resitable Cordura textil and is produced in Germany.
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Staling Stick Tip

A removable metallic tip for supporting in the field.

The stalking stick tip is screwed directly into the insert and is ideal for the new continuously height-adjustable Saufeder Editions. The stainless steel tip provides support in the field and prevents slipping. The tip is very compact. It cannot be used in conjunction with the fixed length ranges (long and short range - see above).
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Fiskars QuickFit Adapter

The Fiskars QuikFit adapter ensures that you can use all Fiskars tools. This makes particular sense for loppers and saws, as the spring can be used as an extension (1.6m or 2m).

Technical Data
Size (cm) wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting transport size wild boar wildboar boar spear hunting in use long range
Alaska Edition size (cm) Saufeder Abmessungen beim Transport Saufeder Abmessungen im Einsatz
Weight 740 Gramm
Materials Stainless Steel Blade, Carbon fibre tubes and aluminium and stainless steel inserts

wildboar boar spear wild boar Made in Germany Deutschland boar spear wild boar hunting wildboar

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